December 2018 Update

1st Jan 2019

Merry Christmas Web Hosters!Check out our blog posts from December:What is the ICANN? Kiiff adds new security and malware detection: Raid storage: Happy New ... Read More »

November 2018 Update

1st Dec 2018

Happy Thanksgiving Web Hosters!Check out our blog posts from November: The difference between client side and server side: Why you need a staging / development website: How to install ... Read More »

October 2018 Update

1st Nov 2018

Happy Halloween Web Hosters!Check out our blog posts from October:Wordpress Optimization: How To Create FTP Accoutns to a Subdirectory: Reverse Proxy: Website ... Read More »

September 2018 Update

1st Oct 2018

Hey web hosters,Check out our blog posts in September:Why Your Website Needs a Mailing List: How To Disable Wordpress Maintenance Mode: How Broken Links Can Kill Your ... Read More »

August 2018 Update

1st Sep 2018

Welcome to fall 2018 web hosters!Check out our blog posts for the month of August:How To Speed Up Your Wordpress Website & Rank Higher For SEO: How To Harden Your Wordpress ... Read More »

July 2018 Update

1st Aug 2018

Hey web hosters,Google's SSL security policy went into effect this month. If you aren't using your free SSL certificate, you could be losing customers! If you aren't hosting with us at all, switch now to take advantage of all our great features including a free SSL certificate. Check out our blog posts for the month of July:2 Factor ... Read More »

June 2018 Update

1st Jul 2018

Hey web hosters,June was a steady month for service growth and uptime :) You may notice our blog posts this month are more technical than months past. As the foundation of knowledge is being layed, it is important to increase understanding which is most often done through deeper learning on a topic. The internet of things we have to enjoy has a ... Read More »

May 2018 Update

1st Jun 2018

Happy Anniversary web hosters!This month marks our first full year in operation at We have seen tremendous growth and development in the last year and we look forward to many more successful years ahead. Over the next year we will be focusing on new marketing techniques, adding new features and products, while continuing to hold ... Read More »

April 2018 Update

1st May 2018

Hi everyone,If you haven't already, make sure to claim your free SSL certificate for your website. Google is making changes to their search algotithm in the coming months and they are required!We had a strong close to the first quarter of 2018, as we hone in our marketing lever, getting ready for summer push. Although April was not particularly ... Read More »

March 2018 Update

1st Apr 2018

Hey web hosters!In March, we upgraded certain accounts to new servers, be sure to check your email for instructions on how to keep your website online with the switch. Also this was a Wordpress filled month for our blog, and we are upgrading our recording equipment to publish higher quality and even more useful / informative videos. Check out our ... Read More »