Hey web hosters!

In March, we upgraded certain accounts to new servers, be sure to check your email for instructions on how to keep your website online with the switch. Also this was a Wordpress filled month for our blog, and we are upgrading our recording equipment to publish higher quality and even more useful / informative videos. 

Check out our blog posts from March:

Wordpress Walthrough Part 4: https://kiiff.com/blog/posts/wordpress-walkthrough-part-4

Wordpress Walthrough Part 5: https://kiiff.com/blog/posts/wordpress-walkthrough-part-5

Wordpress Walthrough Part 6: https://kiiff.com/blog/posts/wordpress-walkthrough-part-6

Premium DNS: https://kiiff.com/blog/posts/premium-dns

That's it for the March 2018 update!

 Sunday, April 1, 2018

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