Hey web hosters,

June was a steady month for service growth and uptime :) You may notice our blog posts this month are more technical than months past. As the foundation of knowledge is being layed, it is important to increase understanding which is most often done through deeper learning on a topic. The internet of things we have to enjoy has a lot of moving parts. We hope you join us on the never ending journey of higher understanding, and better webmastership. 

Check out our blog posts for the month of June:

What Is A Web Crawler?: https://kiiff.com/blog/posts/what-is-a-web-crawler

User Management in cPanel: https://kiiff.com/blog/posts/user-management-in-cpanel

Types of Website Requests: https://kiiff.com/blog/posts/the-difference-between-get-and-post

Website Error Codes: https://kiiff.com/blog/posts/website-error-codes-explained-and-oks

That's it for the June 2018 Update!

 Sunday, July 1, 2018

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